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Quinton Cochran
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At 18 years of age, singer / songwriter Quinton Cochran is in love with the possibilities of music. “I love music, dancing, singing, and walking around with songs stuck in my head. When I write, I write because of how it makes me feel. I love that music brings people together. I love that there is the opportunity to have a positive impact on people through music and that music can change lives.” 


Born and raised just outside of Toronto, Canada, Quinton, spent his younger years putting on ‘home shows’ for friends and family. Inspired by a Justin Bieber documentary and the experience of a live acoustic concert, Quinton became intrigued, picking up a guitar at the age of 12.


Currently recording his first EP, Quinton exploded onto the music scene with his song “Don’t Need A Reason”. Being compared to current pop icons who are dominating the charts, “Don’t Need A Reason” gained Quinton immediate industry interest which placed him GTA Top 10 in the 2017 CBC Searchlight and secured him the role of Global Ambassador for 2017 Youth Day. 

Quinton has ambitious goals for his future and for what his role in the music business will be. “I want to be in an industry that truly puts music first. And when people hear my music, I want it to have a positive impact on their lives, big or small. I want my music to move people, change them and guide them just as music has done for me."

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Radar Love Records, Michael Hanson, 647-524-2112
Michael Kensit, 905-717-5940


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Electronic Press Kit
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